Friday, March 21, 2014

New Wall Art

I love a good craft project and this one was one I've been wanting to do for a while. I found a piece of art that I wanted as a large poster on my wall. Digging deeper I found it would have cost me way over $70 to blow up. So I started to craft up a Idea to make it myself. I had a 3 piece canvas art on my wall already I took measurements of how big the 3 pieces were together and use that size for how large my print needed to be. Next I went to they can take your image and blow it up to print it out yourself. You can choose how large you want it by picking how many sheets of paper across and up to print. Mine ended up using 20 sheets of printer paper
I painted the canvas white (it took a couple coats). Next I cut all the edges from my blockposters printed sheets... all 20 of them. They print out with a border on all edges. I left the boarder on the outside edges in case I needed it (I did), this was what took the longest.
With my print being 5 sheets across I started by modge podging from the center and then working my way out. I used the canvas edge to measure when I had to cut the paper in half. I love the final results. the paper was deffenatly wrinkled and in a lot of areas but I found I liked the texted it gave the print when I was done. See for yourselves Enjoy