Monday, October 31, 2011

On the Road of One Nighters

This boring I woke up in a small town in Iowa, in a hotel in the middle of a field. I found my self asking what day it was thinking to myself when was the last time I knew the answer to that question. In a week of one nighters on the road everything meshes it's self together. My life is planned for me min by min. There's a time to wake up a time to get on a bus a time to stop and eat lunch, a time to arrive at a destination you don't always remember because your in a new state every day. not much time before a soundcheck and the time for the show to start a time for it to end, Time to get back to the new hotel to check in and shower and sleep. and Finally a new time to wake up to get on a bus to start off to a new place.

Today is Sun (so I found out) the day before Halloween. I'm a lover of Holidays and as much as I fight to keep my holiday spirit alive, this year it feels as if my candle has been blown out. I would love nothing more than to dress up like a witch bob for apples, carve pumpkins, decorate with spider webs, take my niece and nephew out, and thrive on that high you get when the holidays are around. This year I a Carved a pumpkin (alone in my hotel room) I dressed up, but I feel a little robbed still, Beacause as I am writing this it has passed midnight and it's officially Halloween. I will get on a bus and drive into a show. and hope that next year will be better.