Thursday, July 8, 2010

Owen Sweet Goodnight 07/04/2010

My last night in Kansas before we I head out to alberqurque. I tuck Owen in, read him his favorite book which he knows by heart. It's called "I like it when." He is interactive with it, and does something on every page.

I like it when we hold hands,(we hold hands) I like when you let me help (he says thank you) I like it when we eat know things (suprise), I like it when you read me stories (book), I like it when we splash about (bath), I like it when you hug me tight (we hug), I like it when you tickle me (before I even get to the word tickel he scrunches up and smiles big then I tickel), I like it when we kiss goodnight (we blow kisses), I love you I love you too.

on the last page it reads "I love you", and he said it to me. we blew each other kisses and he giggled and closed his eyes as I turned out the light. Good night sweet owen. Goodnight Kansas.