Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahh the beginning of spring the end of a big audition season

It is april and there arn't too many auditions going on right now. So my question is what do I do right now when the only thing I am doing in my life right now is auditioning? Several things have happened since being back from tour.

For one thing I have started going to voice gym. It's just a great thing I am doing on Mondays. I get 20 min with a pianist for $20. and I can do what ever I want. Mostly I am using it right now to try out new songs that I am finding EVERY WEEK, and It's also a great resource to prat ice my material for auditions in the upcoming week, or call backs. What little I am getting. Also I am constantly looking for new material I am sure the NYPL should know my face by heart this week alone I have been 3 times, and It's wed.

Let discuss an audition I had today for a cruise line. It is my first audition in almost 2 1/2 weeks. I went home for a week and last week there was NOTHING! Anyway, I go to the audition today for a show (Smokey Joes) which I am thinking I am perfect for. I Walk into the room sang my song perfectly. I was relaxed and really felt the song. Well they didn't and after my first 16 bars I received a lovely thank you! ugh!!! That's all I have to say about that...well and on to the next one.