Friday, July 11, 2008

Cast Recording

On Tuesday July 8th, I made my first recording on the Cinderella soundtrack. ahhhhhh. that's really my best reaction to what happened.

I got up at 6:25 in the morning, although it felt like Christmas to me. I was waking up at every hour just to check the clock to see if it was time to get up. "I'm too excited to sleep." LOL. After finally getting up before the alarm went off I need an energy boost since I would be belting at 9:00 in the morning. I hit the gym for a little fast cardio, finished getting ready grabbed an apple and headed towards the bus.

When we reached the studio it was upstairs to drop off bags and then straight into the studio for Brandy and I to start stepsisters lament. I was trying to drink as much hot tea and cold water at the same time to put my voice in the best shape possible. Recording was a blast. everyone in the booth puts your mind at ease. You're constantly cracking jokes at whose fault it is that we have to do another take. My voice started to tire and I was thankful for a break when it was someones elses turn at bat.

At our next recording Lea was in studio with us. As I listen to her lovely voice so sweetly singing her part I waited for my turn to jump in the song with a loud nasal pitch in an extreme character voice. She is so down to earth, talking to her brother (our music director) about an oboe being off pitch somewhere. As more jokes and laughs continued we finish up our last song.
My session is over and I am internally grateful to have a part of me in this piece of history. To even share it with the other amazing voices on the album is more than I ever could have imagined.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

uptodate on me

let me get you up to speed on a few thing that have been going one. for one yesterday I had my first signs of upset stomach. after eating at a local restaurant i started to feel the turning the gurgling and the language only stomachs speak (ahgahahgaklggugugrrlrllel) well something like that. Well needless to say If you have seen sex in the city I felt like Charlotte racing to get home...only i did make it. I though this was the best way to start my new blog.LOL

So far all the rehearsals except for yesterday (I'll tell you later) have been going so great. Bobby (director) Is amazing he gives me so much freedom to play with the way my character is acting and feeling. There are just to many ideas flying in my head when told that your character is stupid and blind with out glasses and given an obstacle course to get from one point to another. Oh bobby!! I do love playing this character.
Yesterday was just an off day for me. I don't know if I was tired, not focusing on Portia, just in an emotional mood....or possibly a combination of all of the above, but it made me think. I was thinking about how so little can effect your performance, but also hows It OK to have bad rehearsal days, so you can learn from them to better your actions in your performance.
tis all for now next blog is all about the cast recording!

Monday, July 7, 2008

History Guide

This Sunday I went with a group of my cast to visit a little piece of history in Manila. One word Intramuros. Well I am sure that means nothing to you but the best description is this. A walled in city in the middle of Manila first colonized by the Spanish (hints the Spanish architecture). but bombed and destroyed in WWII. The only thing left standing was San Agustin Church, but you wouldn't even know since the city is now rebuilt with Spanish like architecture. We went on this amazing tour of this huge church (there was a wedding going on at the time) connected to a museum. The tour guide was such a great actor, with music and great passion about what he spoke about. It was a big history lesson about manila. As much as I enjoyed learning about it, there came a point in the tour which talked about the USA. How we bought manila and tried to make them an American state and introduce our new technology to the people. In WWII the Philippines got in the middle of us and Japan and japan invaded and started to kill everyone. According to the tour guide since General MacArthur left (famous quote "I shall return") We bombed Manila and leveled the city killing both sides. Now as a proud American It's "interesting" to get a history lesson about how evil your country was and how many thousands of people we hurt and killed. By this time I was to mad and upset and guilt ridden to want to continue this tour. I am leaving out all the details of how people were killed and the descriptions of their hard times and that I was standing in the crypt of priest and people who were killed. needless to say I didn't enjoy the tour as much as I though I would. I do understand that it wasn't their intention to make you feel the way I did, but I can not deny what I was feeling at that moment. The tour after the crypt went to a mansion across the street and the mood lightened from there, which I was thankful for. So all and all I will say that the architecture was so beautiful and it was an enlightening tour, that I would never take again....unless I want to feel like....